1930s Bride – The Wedding Bouquet and Flowers

Although there is no hard and fast rule about wedding flowers it is usual for the bridegroom to provide the bouquets for the bridesmaids, whilst the bride’s parents see to flowers for the church and reception.  The bridegroom, of course, sends the bride her bouquet, but he consult her as to her choice.

In deciding on what flowers to have one is necessarily somewhat guided by the deason of the years and the flowers available.  However, with more or less unlimited means it is possible to have some lovely and original combinations at practically any time or season.  Here is one suggestion for an outstandingly distinctive choice of bouquets.

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There are the bridesmaid’s bouquets arranged in the form of old fashioned clusters.  The centre would consist of yellow roses encircled with violets. Around this would come a rin of salmon-hued sweet peas, with an outer edge of lillies of the valley.  With the previous tones of yellow, salmon pink and violet, the bridesmaids’ frocks could be chosen from among these colours.  The bride’s bouquet, harmonising with these, could of of white roses with a few creamy pink or golden roses interspersed.

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