The 1930s Bride – The Bridal Bouquet

It is customary to think of the bouquet as a matter of decoration alone, but it can be more useful than that.  it, too, can have an influence on the figure.  It is not enough that the lovely flowers be held with unconscious grace; they must be carried with an apparent unconscious grace at that position which will be most flattering.

The tiny bride will carry her flowers hight, well above the waist, and the  fluttering ribbon streamers attached to the bouquet should be long, extending to the hem of her dress.  This will help to create a long line that contributes to an illusion of greater height.  The bouquet should neither be too massive, nor too broad, and it will be most successful if the flowers are white.

The tall bride’s bouquet may have colour contrasts in it.  It should be held waist high, and the ribbon ends should not extend below the knees.

For the plump girl the bouquet should be of a flat formation, with a certain amount of width. If held at her waist it will minimise hip breadth, or if carried just under the bust it will conceal rotundity.

A Word about Colour

This is important because, although wedding dress and veil are white, they need  not necessarily be an uncompromising pure white if that would be inimical to the complexion – which it very definitely can be.  For a clear white skin, with a not too vivid colour in the cheeks, white would be suitable. But if the complexion tones are ruddy or sallow, then ivory or cream white will suit the colouring of the wearer much better than the pure white tone.

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