Autumn Fall Wedding Inspiration Colour Schemes

This post isn’t exactly vintage, but I was thinking the other day about colours for weddings and how each year there is always a “must have” colour over the spring/summer period and I wondered what would be THE colour for Autumn.  The difficulty with colours in Autumn is that a wedding can easily end up looking like a Halloween Party.

However, I love pumpkins and have recently spotted them painted white and adorned with stick on beads and diamante which looked really pretty or perhaps hand painted with the bride and grooms innitials.

Decorated Pumpkin

Apple bobbing, now that was such fun when we were kids, right?  So how about it for a wedding game, but forgo the water and hang your apples from a tree or pole and try to catch them wth your teeth.     I love the idea of toffee and chocolate decorated apples for the children as wedding favours, and how about using the rich red colour of pomegranites for place settings.

Chocolate Covered Apples

Pomegranite Place Settings

Physalis Fruit (AKA Cape Goodberry, Lantern Fruit, Chinese Lanterns) are wonderful small orange seedy fruit that are harvested at this time of the year.  The plant is a prolifc spreader and one plant can appear absolutely anywhere in the garden by the following season, but they are absolutely lovely to eat and also use as floral arrangements whilst the lantern is still closed along with Honesty seed pods.

Physalis Fruit / Cape Gooseberry

Honesty Seed Pods Shimmer in the Light

With just a little imagination and thinking out of the box a wedding can be absolutely stunning in these autumn colours.  See the slideshow below for more images and inspiration

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you would like to share your autumn ideas please comment below.


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