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1930s Bride – Wedding Cars and Presents

Cars For The Wedding

As a rule it is the bride’s parents who provide the car which takes her to the church. If they so desire they also provide cars for any of the wedding guests and for the bridesmaids. If there are not sufficient available they can be obtained from concerns which make a business of hiring cars.

The Bridegroom supplies the car which brings himself and his bride from the church to the reception and afterwards takes them to the train when they leave for their wedding journey.


Listing and Arranging Wedding Presents

This is a subject of much more importance than might be thought at first glance.  Even a simple wedding entails an overwhelming amount of detail and unless some system is followed it is impossible to keep track of the wedding presents.  By the time you have received about a dozen, you no longer have an idea concerning who sent what, and whether or not you have acknowledged its receipt!  The minute one is received it should be noted down, together with the name of the donor.  Then, as you acknowledge the present, check it off on your list.  In this way you can tell at a glance what has been sent you by each guest and whether you have yet written to acknowledge its receipt.  The writing of these notes should be delayed.

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