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A Right British Knees Up For The Royal Wedding

With just less than 2 weeks to go until the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markal, we in the UK are very good at our celebratory garden and street parties.  So if you are planning something whether just as the family or maybe a larger event here are some inspirational ideas of a British kind…..

royal wedding party

You can really serve what ever you wish to, but we do like tea and cakes, strawberries and cream and if you are lucky to be able to get hold of our delicious Devon or Cornish Clotted cream then these are a must have on scones….plain scones too with Jam! Living in Devon I go for the Devon way of serving them, the correct way!!!

Party drinks should be cool and refreshing and in hot weather you definitely something hydrating, non-alcoholic and suitable for the kids too!
There’s some super ideas out there from prosecco to gin to specialist beers and ciders. AND, of course, tea. You can’t have a party without tea!

Kids get bored easily, so do some adults, so having a few games available is great. You can hire them from companies like us, or make your own for a few quid. Sack races, Twister, Pin the Tail, Water Balloons, Giant Hoola Hoops, and on it goes. We supply golf games which are great fun for both adult and kids.

As the sun goes down and it starts to get a little cooler and darker don’t forget the midges! Annoying as they are, make sure you have a few citronella candles which will help combat them.

Probably the most annoying thing about an outdoor party, especially in the highest month for wasp activity in the UK, August……So, grab those spare jam jars that you didn’t use for candle making and outside lights, and fill with a little jam or some beer, they either eat or drink themselves to death as very happy wasps!

If you need more inspiration then check out our Pinterest Board with more inspiration