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1930s Bride – The Wedding Cake

One of the best moments on the Great Day itself is when the ceremony is over and the Bride is standing  surrounded by her friends at the reception.  It is then that the head waiter steals quietly to her and whispers that the time has come to cut the cake.  The eyes of everyone present are upon her when the first slice is cut and, of course, exclamations and cried of admiration can be heard about the Cake itself.  Have you decided yet about your Wedding Cake?  An excellent way of obtaining the very best is to have your cake made my Huntley and Palmers, the famous Reading biscuit and cake manufacturers, who have a section of their factory devoted entirely to the production of wedding cakes.  Indeed, their experience of seventy-five years in this art enables them to offer cakes as distinctive in beauty as they are unrivalled in quality.  you must not think that by getting your cake from Huntley and Palmers that you are restricting yourself to one or two or three different designs.  Those little personal details such as crests and monograms are carefully carried out to individual requirements, and each cake can, of course, be made to any weight or size required.  The wedding cake will be delivered to the actual place where the reception is being held, quite ready to be placed in position.

The cake must be ordered in advance, and details as to the number of guests and the decorations for the cake must be discussed with the baker.  When the refreshments or the reception luncheon are finshed there comes the ceremony of the cutting of the cake.  This is always done by the bride, with the groom standing by to assist her.  Portions of the cake are passed to each guest.  As soon as this important ceremony is completed, the bride retires to change for her honeymoon.

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Have your wedding cake made by Huntley and Palmers, the firm of repute who have been privileged to make many Royal Bride Cakes, and you know that not only will it be the best, but also be befitting to the great occasion.