Hand Poured Votive Candle Wedding Favours

Are you looking for something unique as a wedding or guest favour?

Imagine lighting candles on your tables and once the wax begins to melt the scents slowly drift around the room filling it with your favourite scent. On each place setting there is a lovely votive candle in a glass with the same scent as your candles as a gift so your guests will remember your special day in a different unique way. I am sure you can recall something from memory from a scent? Perhaps your favourite perfume reminds you of when you first bought or wore it, maybe the smell of coconut reminds you of that beach holiday in the sun? The smell of Prosecco & Mojitos reminds you of your hen night!!  When your guests light their candle at home they will remember your special day for some time to come.

We produce hand poured bespoke candles with our sister company ‘Escape to…..’  We have over 100 different scents that can transport you to another place and time, or in this instance you and your guests back to your special day. We can create something absolutely amazing for your wedding, anniversary or party.

If you’d like candles then we need to get to work together on this as early as possible as they need time to cure so their scents make the biggest impact. Have a think about scents that you like, we have the following categories:

  • Floral – delicious flowers from the garden or the tropics
  • Fruity – mouth watering fruits
  • Oriental – spice it up a little
  • Woody –  earthy and grounding
  • Designer – created to smell very like some of the top designer perfumes

Choose 2-3 of the above categories that you like the most, however they do cross over each other so we will have plenty to work with.

All our candles are made from Eco Soya wax so no nasties such as paraffin. Our fragrances are all safe, vegan and don’t contain anything nasty either. Many candles on the high street contain paraffin which can cause breathing and irration issues! They all come with a legal safety warning labels and you can choose how to decorate it yourself or we can produce pretty labels with names and dates on and perhaps a pretty organza bag and tag. Table candles have a burn time from 30 hours depending on their size and the votive candles from about 15 hours. Our minimum order for votive candles is 50, but we can produce less if you are purchasing larger table candles at the same time.

Email us direct at thevintagepartycompany@gmail.com and tell us how many guests, guest tables and top table size candles you think you may need, and the scents you prefer from the list above. We can work with you to create your unique candles.

Below are some ideas we have spotted on pinterest of what you can do with your votive candles.

Follow us on instaInstagram to see where we get our inspiration from in North Devon.

We can accept all major credit cards if you are local or paypal & BACS to make things easier for you. Terms & Conditions apply once you decide to order with us.

Chat soon!


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